What is Jimmy’s In Tension?

As a professor of Critical Thinking at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, CA, my entire academic life I have been constantly receiving similar feedback on my observations and opinions, something along the line of, “I have not really thought of it that way before.” I never TRY to be different or play devil’s advocate, as doing so would put me way over the top. Jimmy’s intention is to develop critical thinking skills, look at things a different way and to question everything. I speak and write of all aspects of life, from Buddhism to twerking, from the spiritual to the profane, from meditation to pornography. It all makes for great conversation and analysis.

In addition, you will now find podcasts as part of the blog. The podcast has and will continue to have guests of all “shapes and sizes” from college presidents to undocumented (illegal) students to my own family members and from high profile to low profile. The common denominator? They are all interesting and we can learn from everyone.

So sit back, read and/or listen, and question me as we learn in the tensions of life.


  1. When you read about news or an opinion, it’s good to think about who, if anyone, benefits from the statement being made. If someone’s making an argument, there’s a good chance they benefit from it for some reason. As Business Insider points out, that’s not always a bad thing—sometimes a person’s motivations can make their opinion more valid—but it’s good to think about who might gain from an idea.

    • This seems like a really nice way to be heard (vent) and hear others’ viewpoints or reactions in return. It’s sounds like a good sounding board and keep up to date with current events, which I’m too busy to do.

  2. Hi Professor! Reading this “About me” section made me super intrigued to take your critical thinking class. I am currently in your public speaking, and I am really enjoying my experience so far. I still need to take critical thinking so don’t be surprised if I pop up in that class as well!!!

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