Understanding the Transgendered

I have not met anyone in my life quite like Georgia McGowen. Born a biological male -George- though inwardly always believed herself to be a female, she certainly defies convention and traditional ideas of sex and gender.DM&D Author Pic2

I was introduced to Georgia through a mutual friend, Christine, who knew I was looking for an LGBTQ person to speak with my “Communication in a Diverse World” class a couple of years ago.  At first sight you do not know quite what to make of Georgia as she has constantly struggled, particularly early on in her life, with her identity between George and Georgia. What thoroughly impressed me about her, though, was the absolute comfort she felt in her own gender-bending skin. I have rarely met an individual with such a profound level of self-awareness, which probably comes from a lifetime of asking herself WHO she really is…I would assume she just knows her subject matter very well.

Georgia is disarmingly honest and genuine, while fully realizing she violates mainstream social norms. She has exhaustively researched how and why she is who she is. She speaks as if there is no new stone that can be thrown at her, no new insult that can be hurled and no new derogatory name she could be called -as she has heard, and felt, them all; particularly hailing from the mid-west, Texas, Oklahoma Dearmomanddadand Utah.

And for those in and around the Crafton Hills Community, Georgia will be speaking on her life at the Crafton Campus, in LRC 231 at noon on Wednesday, February 20. She will specifically be speaking about her new book, “Dear Mom and Dad…you don’t know me but...”

I so respect those whose path and lot in life is in many ways an uphill battle as it goes against mainstream norms. Let’s face it, being a straight white male in America means you have an entire culture catering to you on hand and foot. Our culture is fitted like designer jeans for WASPS such as myself. I truly respect those who have traded in their designer jeans for a designer skirt because that is truly who they are.



  1. Wow … Jimmy, you sure know how to make a girl feel special. I’m so looking forward to seeing you again and meeting a new batch of eager students. I will have copies of “Dear Mom and Dad”, both hardback and paperback, available for anyone who wants a signed copy.

  2. Georgia is one of those women who I’ve strived to be like, not only knowing who I am, but then going the step further arnd actually LIKING who I am. She embodies all that makes a gentle, nurturing, kind and strong human being. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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