Tessa and Jordan Podcast From New Orleans

Jimmy sits down with his children, Tessa and Jordan, for a rare podcast combo from the neighborhood of Treme in New Orleans, La. Many subjects are discussed, all with a very right brained, philosophical twist from two very artistic, philosophical people. Enjoy topics from travel to masturbation…nothing is off the table.






  1. I am sitting in the Denver airport listening to this podcast and I have been peacefully smiling a majority of the time because it is so awesome to hear you three being you, talking about real life stuff, hearing Jordan’s cute lisp that he’s always had, picturing Tessa in the teal fairy costume in nature picture when she was little, jimmy’s familiar laugh, …. I saw cool pictures in my mind thinking about places you’ve been and experiences you’ve had. I love your tender love for your kids…always have. Tessa, you are beautiful! Sweet and caring heart. So excited for you all because you just go for it!!! I am not surprised any of you are who you are or doing what you’re doing because it’s the world your team parents fostered for you. What unique and beautiful people you are!!!

    • Thank you Felisha. Stevie agreed to do a one on one podcast with me soon. Be on the lookout…that kid will blow your mind!

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