It’s Tebow Time: A Lesson in Being Human

Ok. Truth be told, I am not a big Tim Tebow fan. For those who live productive and meaningful lives and do not know who he is, Tim was a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback in college (trust me, that is a BIG award) and now plays in the professional ranks though has not enjoyed a good career. His style of play, his critics contend, does not match the needed skill sets for the pros. Yet Tim remains profoundly popular due to his clean-cut, squeaky clean Christian image and boyish good looks.


Tim is known for frequently pointing upwards to God, praying openly on the field and thanking Jesus Christ for everything (though his interceptions are brought about by satanic influence, I assume).  I am not a big fan of such ostentatious spiritual arrogance and frequently find myself cheering for whatever team he is playing against.  Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a nice enough guy and it would probably be a delight to sit down and drink a few near beers with him, though I would like to ask Tim if it would be ok if I could visit his church sanctuary and play football, because he is visiting my football sanctuary and playing church. Pray to God, point to Mecca, or light a candle on your own time NFL players, this is football. I am all for praying–I also am all for masturbating–time and place people.


I am still waiting for the first NFL player to score a touchdown and point downwards while screaming into the camera, “Hail Satan!” Imagine that! Hell, even a shout out to Allah would be remarkable.  I guess only Jesus follows football.

Currently Tim is being criticized for, apparently, being unhappy in his role with the New York Jets and the offense they are running. ESPN’s Merrill Hoge said Tebow is “phony as a three-dollar bill,” apparently for his outspoken dislike of his role on the team.  In many ways, Tebow has set himself up for such criticism because he is so outspoken about his faith and beliefs, thus he is under the microscope constantly. Perhaps some find it inconsistent for Tebow to be praising God for the good on the field and then whine over the bad off the field.

Yet I personally have no problem with Tebow complaining about whatever Tebow wants to complain about: He is human.

Whatever religion, ethnicity, culture, profession, or region of the world you are from, we all share the same predicament of being human.  Yes, I may not have a lot to say with someone from a small village in Asia, for example, though rest assured we share a similar brain, we both defecate, we need food for sustenance, share a particular temperament and need a community to survive. We humans are just like that.  Mother Theresa farted and Ghandi burped, trust me. I would imagine both even complained from time to time.

In the end, humans will act human.  I have known atheist idiots and atheist saints. I have known religious idiots and religious saints and everything in between. Why? The nature of a person is the nature of the person. Slap whatever title you like on yourself or those around you, the only name badge that really matters is that badge found deep within the window to the soul.

Tebow is upset. Yes, we humans feel that emotion. We are allowed. So Tebow or any other player can choose to use the football field as their own sanctuary to God, fine. Though in the end, Tim’s not phony nor inconsistent, he is human. If we are under the illusion that one’s pious, sanctimonious and grotesque public displays of spirituality actually make that person any different, that’s our bad.

Cry away Timmy boy, we humans learn the most about this world while in tension.