Shocking! Amazing! An In-depth Podcast Conversation with Dr. Cheryl Marshall, President of Crafton Hills College

A behind the scenes look at Crafton Hills College with College President Cheryl Marshall. Find out how this brilliant and educated woman nearly flunked out of school, why she flipped pizzas after earning her degree, her message to students and faculty alike, and you might be amazed to find out her greatest weakness.

Cheryl Marshall

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  1. Great interview. I love how Dr. Marshall understands how not every student is ready to go, go, go. That was me 16 years ago. I do appreciate Crafton and all that is available for us students to succeed and continue to move forward rather than feeling like a failure and fustrated.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this interview. Dr. Marshall is doing a great job as Crafton Hills College President and I am enjoying our work together.

  3. Jimmy, not only did you have a great guest in Cheryl Marshall, but I think you did a fantastic job as the interviewer. Great questions, great interview!

    • Thank you Robert. I like the podcast format because it can be treated much more as a conversation rather than an interview. In a formal interview it would be inappropriate (perhaps) for me to discuss my experiences and thoughts on things though it is entirely acceptable in the form of a podcast conversation. She is such a delight and great person…my students commented to me how unexpectedly humble and “real” she is.

  4. Gotta say that I agree with Robert, Jimmy — it was a fantastic interview and I really marveled not only at Cheryl’s candor, but you have a gift as an interviewer… can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

    This interview gave me a great feeling, that so much is going right at Crafton Hills College and what a benefit to be part of this movement forward. Also — we GOTTA see Cheryl spin some Dough for us someday!

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