Relationship Survey: Please Take A Minute And Provide Us With Your Response!

A student of mine is currently doing some original research in regards to relationship type measured with satisfaction. This is a very quick one minute survey. We would really appreciate it if you could contribute this blippet of time for the sake of academic research. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to take it. Thank you in advance for your assistance! All responses are 100% anonymous…guaranteed.



  1. Took the survey. The answers may seem strange because there is no way to indicate one is widowed. Had a very satisfying relationship but am not satisfied with my current one (none). 🙂

  2. This survey was a little tricky. Not sure now to answer the question about the exclusiveness of my marriage. I had to choose ‘other’ because, while I assumed we had a monogamous relationship, my ex-husband apparently did not. When I got to Tahiti, I found out about “The Mistress.” He kept telling me, “You’re in Tahiti, now. Everyone has a mistress.” I kept thinking, “So the laws of God don’t apply here?” He said, “I never made any promises.” I asked, “What do you think a marriage vow means?” Clearly, we weren’t communicating effectively. Now I’m very happy being single again: happily unmarried (so much better than the reverse).

  3. Sandra…this is a common problem. Couples have an open relationship yet they sometimes forget to tell their partner. Actually your story is one that is very helpful for this study. Thank you for the contribution.

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