Post an Ugly Picture of Yourself on Facebook, or Twitter, or Even This Blog

photoRecently the below facebook status update was passed on to me through Rene’. It reminded of my blog entry a couple of months ago (5 Helpful Hints to Give Off the Right Impression Online; or, Post an Ugly Picture of Yourself on Facebook) and decided to revisit this idea after reading these wonderfully articulated thoughts:

On the rare occasion that I actually check my FB, tonight I decided to challenge my boredom and instead of posting something new to update you on in my life virtually, exactly the way that I want you to see and interpret it (you all know its true), I decided to go through every part of my timeline, down to the *CRINGE* untagged/hidden things that make me wish social media never existed, and what I found was far more significant than a #TBT from high school or a cute selfie you hope gets 50 likes. See, what I found are the posts I used to hate the most, (the candid/just rolled out of bed/TRULY didnt put on make up/too fat in that picture/clearly need a hamburger that month/i look like snooki/wait, am i snooki/did i really paint my face half green and gold/if i really looked like that performing my career is over, etc) were the ones I found the most breathtakingly beautiful. I found that if you choose to ‘view your profile’, view your life, in the same perspective that you try to manipulate others to, not only can it be just as glorified and special, but that it already is. And manipulating yourself instead to see the truth of that is the first step to creating it. Time, growing up, and change is so imperfectly beautiful. Not living in the moment means that it will pass with no memory to imprint, or to share, and my ‘timeline’ don’t got room for that Challenge yourself. #TGIF

Amen sister and pass the kudos plate because I’m dropping some love in it. Well said.

C’mon everyone. What are we waiting for? My contribution is above. Let’s get real and show each other some ugly love.


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  1. You have a vaild point about poeple always trying to appear looking at their best, but its mainly because the presser that the media puts on these almost mindless people. Almost all of the people that feel they need to post a new picture of themself every day most likely believe that they need to do it just because everyone else is and that the media tells them that they need to look, dress, or pose a certain way in order for the rest of society to accept them.

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