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My 21 year old son Stevie asked me to be a guest on his podcast…though after this short 17 minutes discussion he decided it was too personal. I then asked him if I could post it on my jimmysintension podcast and he agreed. So hear us discuss family, education, money. etc…



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  1. I’ve navigated all over your blog website, and I must say, there isn’t much that I disagree with you on. We hold very similar views on the police. one thing that immediately took me off guard was the fact that you have a list of “IfIHearThisSpeechOneMoreTimeIWillKillMyselfAndManyOthersInTheProcess” speeches, unfortunately one of those speech subjects is marijuana. Damn, had I known that, I never wound have made my first argument builder up about Prop 64 (marijuana law in CA). Also, you were an evangelical pastor, I would be very interested to see where your manifesto is, and see why it was that you left the church?

    As far as my argument is concerned, I have brought thought of multiple arguments with this podcast,
    You called yourself a “53 year old fart.” I would venture to suggest that you were most likely closer to 54 years old during the time of this recording, if we are acknowledging the time spent being incubated from the moment after fertilization (closer to about ten months, roughly).
    Seven minutes in, you made the claim that the UK “resembles america the most out of any other country on the planet.” Okay, you must have forgotten that Canadians call their fries, fries, whereas the British call their fires, “Chips” … ew. Canada and the United States are both rather fond of the French, at least in comparison to the historical issues surrounding the French and the British. Canadians also allow their citizens to bear arms, unlike the British.
    You make the claim at 13:20 that, “usually people who don’t give a shit about money are the one’s who eventually make it.” This claim was made within the context of your son’s comedy aspirations. I disagree with this, Using Mia Khalifa, she was a young college student who simply felt like she needed more money, so she began starring in pornographic films, and eventually found her way to the top of pornhub’s list of most popular pornstars. All of her success began as a result of her desire to posses more money.

    Derrick Rose

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