People Are Strange, When You’re A Stranger: Why I Love Weird People

“When pregnant people swim, they are a human submarine.”

I love different, strange and weird people. Why? Perhaps I am projecting a bit of myself onto others as I do consider myself a somewhat odd and eccentric type of person. Yet, the thing that I like most about strange and weird people is they are not caught up in the cultural mill of sameness and conformity. In an age where technology can do a lot of our thinking for us -many of us have google mental processors and Reddit, Yahoo, or Huffington Post perceptual filters- it is refreshing to hear of a person who processes, thinks and looks at life differently then the rest of us internet lemmings. In fact, I never really thought about the idea that:

“Beef jerky is like a meat raisin.”

Thus, whenever I may refer to one as weird or strange, make no mistake about it -that is a positive euphemistic gesture on my behalf…I cherish those who think differently. I am not suggesting I have a thing for, say, crazy homeless derelicts, rather for functioning and sane individuals who are not like me, or the rest of humanity for that matter.  They just process thoughts differently. They march to the beat of their own weird-ass metronome. You might say they pedal to the speed of a different bike. Speaking of which:

Bikes are acoustic motorcycles.

Perhaps the quality I appreciate most in strange people is that embracing quality of self-acceptance. Some are different and strange while being uncomfortable in that different and strange skin. The strange people I prefer are those who are strange and they not only know it, they accept it as part of their very being. They do not run and hide; they take that weirdness and call it their own. They can even be eating a simple bowl of rice and see the world differently:

Rice is great when you’re hungry and you want to eat 2000 of something.”

So I introduce you to my weird friend and strange former student, Jill-Lima Bean-Vikki, who from now on I will lovingly refer to as JLBV. JLBV is unlike any student in my professorial tenure. She is one of the sanest and smartest, yet different, students I have ever had. I have had plenty of dangerous “crazies,” of which JLBV is not a member. Insane former students of mine have taken a knife to the artwork at a college art show (as one painting dared to reveal a naked breast), while another threatened to shoot up the school campus and was later arrested for having an apartment full of ammunition. Yes, this armed student was in my class and he did not appreciate the grade I gave him on all his overtly, fundamentalist religious speeches. The point is this: I know weird and I know crazy. JLBV, somewhat like myself, is just weird. A good weird. A very, very good weird. She has paid the devil his due…or has she?

If you don’t pay your exorcist then you get repossessed.”

Jill-Lima Bean-Vikki has 3 names because in the first class she took with me everyone in class agreed she looked like a Jill…so she gladly went with it. In a second class she took with me I had students give me the name they preferred to be called…she chose Lima Bean. Finally, I guess Vikki is her parental given moniker, her Christian name you might say. All this being said, if you were to try to find her on facebook, it would be under the name Thrill-Seeker. Ah the many faces of JLBV! Regardless of what you call her, she cannot even go grocery shopping without thinking of something weird…really weird:

When you go food shopping you are just buying supplies for this week’s poops.”

I guess I never really thought of it that way before.

If you have not guessed it so far, these italicized quotes are “JLBV-isms” coming straight from the mind of her strange self.  Not surprisingly, JLBV works in the circus among other freaks just like her. She is a delightful, chill to-the-max, mellow young lady who is pleasant as all hell to be around.  You cannot NOT like her, as there is nothing about her to dislike…unless, of course, you dislike weird…and those who can play fun games with words:

French pancakes give me the crepes.

I have always found this “A” student to be a different type of delight. Then, in an Interpersonal Communication course one day last year, she revealed to the entire class, in one of the most interesting and informative speeches I have ever heard, that she is asexual… meaning that she has no sexual desires for either males nor females. In other words, if she were at a restaurant serving sexuality, when it came her turn to order she would tell the server, “I’m good.” She also knows how to ask the right questions:

Do you think babies get cold? Or are they womb temperature?

There are a lot of misunderstandings and myths surrounding the orientation of asexuality that this article and accompanying comic clear up.  Yet JLBV is the first one who will clear things up for you as she is open and honest about her orientation. Personally, I believe asexuality to be a really sweet orientation in terms of simplifying one’s life—as sexual attraction can be the knife-in-the-heart, really fuck-your-life-up activity that carries great reward at often times a very steep price. Frankly, her asexuality is neither here nor there in terms of what makes her unique and special, it is just another cog in her wheel of being different as she constantly questions what is and what is not socially acceptable:

Apple sauce is just baby food that is socially acceptable for everyone to eat.

So, with my tribute to the one and only JLBV, it may seem she is in some sort of trouble or has a life ending illness or some shit. Nope—at least none that I am aware of. She is good. Healthy, happy, hardy and hip…she is doing just fine.  Much better than some chemicals, because:

“When chemicals die, they barium.”

So why do I write of her? I think we all can learn things from interesting people. From JLBV, we can learn the importance of being our unique self, embracing our unique self and offering our unique self as a gift to the world. To 858690_10202219558478576_3050842345386289969_oaccept self is the greatest gift we can give to our self…this is not to suggest we do not all have some sort of character deficiencies we need to work on and fine tune, though the very essence of self needs to be embraced, loved and nurtured. JLBV is a great example of this.

OUR CULTURE NEEDS WEIRD!! We are turning into Social Media robots…save us JLBV!! Perhaps my final JLBV-ism sums up good advice for the rest of us:

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it… I just don’t think being an adult is gonna work for me.”

Sage advice my friend. And my advice to you? Stay weird…we love it and need it.

We need new and original thought forms. So perhaps it is ironic that I summarize this blog with a particularly poignant quote from another brilliant mind:

“To thy own self be true.”







  1. She does Circus with my friend Nolan… Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes people tribute things to people that are sick or need help. I love how you just did it because you wanted to share her weirdness and the attraction it possesses, with all it’s cleverness and spark! … It reminds me how I take random friends or family and celebrate their birthday by taking them out to lunch or dinner and getting them some sort of birthday balloon even when it isn’t their birthday. I love celebrating people’s birthday even when it isn’t. Because I don’t want to be confined by dates I just want to take the time when I have it to celebrate their life. I don’t know why this reminded me of that but it does. We do need more people like JLBV. It is people like her I am most fond of, that keep that child like spark well into their adult life. We need that. Rene speaks of that.

  2. Rene once titled such an act (through song), “Flowers to the Living.” I think we should never wait until one’s death to tell them what they mean to the planet. We should celebrate all people…particularly those happy and healthy!

  3. I couldn’t stop drifting in and out of the reading. Not because it was boring or uninteresting, but because i have an odd and weird child (somewhat like me). As much as i get back lash on her free spirit I adore her for who she is. She has no care in the world and says whats on her mind. It pains me to see her sad when she’s bullied from people who don’t understand or try to change her. I advise her to let it go because they are just jellin. One of the strange things she’s said recently while we were eating out was, “hey Jesse, did you know that fat people don’t get full”. Now i know this wasn’t good, but this is her view of things.And if you’re wondering about me repremanding her, yes i did.

    • It is very difficult to be different/weird as a child. Children can be so cruel to one another. If she has a very strong parental support unit and unlimited acceptance at home, it is possible to live as a “strange” child and survive quite nicely. Damn…I was pretty normal growing up and it was hard as hell. Thank you for sharing on my blog Isabel!

  4. After re-reading the article (specifically the “sane and smartest” part), I couldn’t help but remember all of the stupid things I did the first time I took your class. (Also, Vikki is another nickname, my parental given name is actually Victoria.)
    I also have to say that I am so happy that you had such an open mind towards learning about asexuality, not many people usually do. You have been one of my absolute favorite professors not just with your teaching styles and capabilities but also with your understanding and general aura of openness and safety. You somehow emit a sort of security that makes me feel like I’m not being judged. Thank you for being a one of a kind Mr. Jimmy.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this. I totally agree that you should praise, give love, and honor the living, it is so important, and it means so much, in my opinion.

    • Then you will be delighted to know you are one of the strangest students I have ever had Jayda! WEIRD AS SHIT.

    • Of course it is! I am the weirdest and strangest person I know. I so respect those who embrace who they are and do not try to conform.

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