Listen At Your Own Risk: The Urbanovich Family Podcast -Mature Subject Matter Ahead

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Urb FamilyThe day after Thanksgiving the Urb clan sat around the kitchen table and went into pod mode. Listen to this irreverent bunch chat about our lives, animal vs. human rights, women’s rights, suicide, respect, Nathan’s love for the Cincinnati Bengals, and, of course, the role of bullshit in our lives. The audio is not great — so turn in it up to 11 and enjoy!




  1. It sounds like you all had a great time hanging out together. That’s great. Yes, I did listen to the entire thing, but I do it because I’m trying to earn extra credit points for my communications class, and that’s the honest truth. Before taking this class, I didn’t know what a Podcast was or a Blog. I’ve heard people talk about these things but I’ve never been interested in finding out what they where. Earning extra credit for subscribing to Jimmy’s Blog got me started, and I must say It has been interesting. I appreciate the interviews and topics shared. Like the interview with the President of Crafton Hills College, Cheryl Marshall. I think all students at Crafton should listen to that interview. I think students would appreciate it. Maybe the other Professors should announce it. Had I not been in your communications class, I would not have known about this interview.

    • While I was listening to your after thanks giving blog. I was thinking that hardly any family expresses what they feel about each other. At least I haven’t had that experience and I think I’m going to try it with my own family. I loved the blog, at first I wasn’t sure if I should listen to it because I mess up the first time I commented on one of your blogs for the first time. I think is great how you expressed what you feel about each member of your family, because is always good to know how the loved ones feel about you, and it also creates the opportunity for everyone to express their feelings. At the same time it brings the family closer. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Again, just heard this! Fun to listen in like a fly on the wall. Every family has a different dynamic and it’s always fascinating to get a glimpse of that of others. What a great time capsule of the present while documenting shared memories of the past! Nice to have an archive of a singular moment in time!! On the topic of families expressing themselves to one another- either how they feel about one another, or memories that may have stuck with each individual while escaping others, I have endlessly tried to create these opportunities in my own family- at family reunions, in the questionnaire I handed out and then compiled into a printed book with photos, even a board game with ‘prompts’ ( that I never finished…) Looks like the best way is to whip out a microphone and crack the wine! Good job!

    • Thanks Nick. Before we sat down to do the podcast it never dawned on me that this would be a wonderful family memory keepsake. This will mark a magic moment in time and my hope is that we can do this as a annual family tradition.

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