1. An emotionally powerful discussion for me, as I have a terrible relationship with my father. It’s very hard to find anything I can argue against in this Podcast; I feel there are a lot of similarities—in attitude—between your father and I: coming close to death numerous times without religious gratitude for having survived, to be a good father from a lack thereof, and inheriting great qualities from one’s mother, etc. Because you asked for an argument, I’ll isolate the “love at first sight” reference. I don’t believe in love at first sight; I believe in infatuation/attraction/biological allure, etc., but not instantaneously falling “in love.” I believe love is something two people can feel for one another only after having spent lots of time together. Only after all the mutual attraction, funny quirks, and best sides of a person are balanced with reality, i.e., boring moments, loss of the initial fiery passion, dealing with their anger, etc., can two people truly say they love each other. In my opinion, love isn’t something one merely finds, it’s something one has to work for.

    • Thank you for the kind comments James. As for love at first sight…I cannot speak for my father. As I grow older, I am a believer in the “Whatever Gets You Through The Day” philosophy of life. If him believing it was love at first helps him in any way, good for him. My daughter recently came up with a theory for the afterlife. When she asked for my feedback I said the same thing…if believing in that helps you in this life, go for it.

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