Damn Illegal Aliens: A Jimmysintension Podcast with a Real Illegal, Undocumented, and Extraordinary Human Being, Celene’ Medina

“Damn illegals are ruining this country!!” I hear people close to me often say. Or are they? Take a listen as I chat with Undocumented Student, Celene’ Medina, who has quite a story to tell. We discuss culture, frustrations and things we take for granted among other topics.

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  1. Those damn illigals are grabing the bull by the horns and working their but off to get to were they want to be. Obsticals are on every step of the way and it is up to us to get through it no matter what. The more obsticals you face the eager inside of you makes you want it even more. I was one of those dam illigals and I’m not ashamed. We all have the right to fight for what we want in life. Let’s worry less and act more. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you need to get up and keep on going.

      • No I didn’t leasen to it. I don’t know how. My comment is to what people said about undocumented illigals. Is not against you. I know you support undocumented students and that’s admirable of you. All I know is that some people don’t even take the time to get to know the other side of the coin.

  2. I’m glad Celene and others like her finally have the basic legal rights to go to school to further their education and get a drivers license. It is something we born Americans take for granted. I’m second generation American on my father’s side and first generation on my mother’s side. I never once had to worry about “FREEDOM”. When I was growing up, I never considered how hard it is for undocumented students. I knew who they where at school. They all hung out together, not really interacting with us, and we didn’t really interact with them. It takes a really strong person like Celene to push forward regardless of how hard it is. I’ve known people who’s employers offered to pay for them to go to school and learn English so they can further themselves in the company, but those employees turn it down for what ever their reasons; insecurity’s, limitations (illiterate) and fear. I hope they find the strength and encouragement through your story to not give up.

  3. That is true when we have everything we are not able to see it. I have been on Celene’s shoes, and I know how it feels. This is one of the reasons I’m in school at this phase of my life. I feel so proud of people like her that are not afraid to speak out and work hard for their goals. The people I know, came here to offer a better life to their kids, and they work hard for it. They work 8 to up to 12 hours and even more with out complaining. I wish all of my people will have the time and opportunity to get educated, but family is first. I have also meet people who had help undocumented workers and students to get legal documents.

  4. I’m late to listening to this, but I enjoyed every minute of it. As a son of immigrant parents, my mother wanted me to be fully bilingual, so we lived in Mexico for about 8 years when I was a kid. Once you get to experience another country is when you truly start to appreciate what you have in yours. I know people who’d give anything to be able to get an education, yet they are forced to work to make a living or you just don’t eat. The ones that actually make it to the United States in search of a better life, have it so hard. When I came back from Mexico, I felt alienated. Luckily I wasn’t illegal, but most of my friends were. Now, for an illegal immigrant to go to college it is so hard. Driving to school alone was impossible without getting your car towed if you were pulled over. I always wanted to succeed, so does every immigrant, a lot of them just need a chance to prove that they can learn and succeed in college and get a career; change the culture from workers to professionals if given the right support. I hope I get to live to see the day when the term “Illegal” is no longer used, and everyone has an equal opportunity to educate themselves, and succeed if they really want. to.

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