Challenging Cultural Norms: Dressing As A Woman For A Day

I recently dressed up as a woman to teach for the day. Why? Good question….I suppose cause it helps in teaching students the essence of cultural norms and why we have them. Yet, perhaps the better answer is, “Why  Not?”



  1. After reading you’re blog, and watching the film, I came to the conclusion it is good to question things, especially in a country like the US, it’s so diverse, with so many races, religious beliefs, and cultures to name a few, it could be easy to deviate from you’re identity. When we question norms, we grow, we understand, most important we find solutions to different issues. I was there when you dressed like a woman, and thought it was funny, and a very creative way to teach, especially to connect with you’re students. Thumbs up!

    Stephanie Imeri-Grover

  2. Excellent idea. Next time though, wear a little more lipstick and eye shadow (hot pink maybe). And high heels (make it a real challenge).

    However, no matter what you do, you still resemble one non-attractive woman.

  3. To study diversity in mankind is an amazing tool to become aware about the whole of a human being. But to study the difference in gendar in its appearance and in its behaving in 360 degree angle is one of the ideal way to evaluate its implication in formation of culture, ethnicity and nurture the nature.
    I like your female appearance, still look as a philosopher.
    You proof “face is index of mind”.

  4. I am glad that you are open to doing something like this where you have a lot of eyes on you! There a lot of people that look up to you as you are a role model. Do you think it is easier to do something like this in America rather than another country? Challenging cultural norms in my opinion isn’t ask risky than it is in other places. Would you be able to go to a country like India and do the same?

    • Kiran…I would not even leave the Crafton campus to do this yet alone another country! Though I likely will someday have the courage to face the Yucaipa rednecks down on the boulevard….Thanks Kiran!

  5. Hi professor. I enjoyed the video. I admire your bravery and open mind by challenging yourself with new experiences. This post opened my eyes about trying different things. You definitely went all out with hair and make up. I look forward to reading your other blogs.

  6. Your video is great, and it really challenges the cultural norms. Equally, it helps to raise the question, how has certain clothing become assigned to certain genders? By walking around full out, I bet it is really eye opening as you are somewhat experiencing the life that people all across the country experience everyday. Rock on, and stay cool!

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