The London Professors: When Communication and Psychology Collide

episodewhateverPlease join the podcast for a discussion with fellow London and Human Sexuality Professor, Dr. Ken Guttman, as we discuss sex (duh!), education, studying abroad, and what students should call us…amidst many other topics.  Though you cannot tell, his eyes are beautifu, believe mel. Help me Jordan!


Jimmy on the News: Flying Solo

In his quest to find the best format for mildly entertaining and educational “podding” Jimmy sits alone in his mancave and opines about today’s headlines. He discusses the downing of a Malaysian passenger jet, a celebrity “package,” rogue police officers, the types of people who use facebook and the overall general absurdity of today’s news. Once again, you can now find all Jimmy’s podcasts on Itunes so you can listen anywhere at any time. Just type in the key word “jimmysintension.” Enjoy!


Mishka Mikk Podcast: Pakistan Through A Progressive Woman’s Perspective

What is it like to be a women in Pakistan? I sat down with Pakistani native Mishka Mikk and we discuss life from an American and Pakistani perspective. Find out what she thinks about America, women’s rights, and hear about her days as an undergraduate in Gender Studies. All guided by a rude, ignorant, arrogant and entitled ugly American.

Club Rush at Crafton Hills: The Podcast!


Please join Jimmy at the February 12, 2014 student club rush in which he is able to interview faculty members, student club presidents, and directors as they discuss their very exciting clubs from dance and art to health and science.  Enjoy the centerpiece interview with new CHC Philosophy professor Jeff Cervantez , who discusses some of the most pressing questions life has to offer. Enjoy!

And The Cat’s In The Cradle: A Father-Son Podcast with Jimmy and Jordan

Jimmy and Jordan sit down to pod the evening before his trip back east for a whirlwind tour of the East Coast. They discuss what they have learned from podcasting, discuss whether they are more different than alike, and ask why people appreciate authentic experience and podcasting in general. Simone chimes and suggests podcasting is not natural conversation….you be the judge.