Good News is Not News

I checked out the below story in earnest to find out if it was bullshit or not and, apparently, other than a couple peripheral details, this event did indeed happen. Regardless of one’s stance on the issue of gun control (in fact this story is not about gun control AT ALL….it is about the sources that generate our cultural conversations), at the very least it must cause each of us to reflect on the power of the media 564699_457367717659462_279623444_nand its insistence on a good story over providing meaningful information for our lives. If you have not read this blog, I suggest you check it out first. If this event did indeed occur (I am forever skeptical on anything media) and went virtually unreported, it should be a wake up call for all of us. Not that I am a big proponent of reporting national news, though it begs the question as to what gets reported and what does not. It certainly makes my mind more in tension as we attempt to survive in the age of technocracy.



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