Jimmy on the News: Flying Solo

In his quest to find the best format for mildly entertaining and educational “podding” Jimmy sits alone in his mancave and opines about today’s headlines. He discusses the downing of a Malaysian passenger jet, a celebrity “package,” rogue police officers, the types of people who use facebook and the overall general absurdity of today’s news. Once again, you can now find all Jimmy’s podcasts on Itunes so you can listen anywhere at any time. Just type in the key word “jimmysintension.” Enjoy!


Mishka Mikk Podcast: Pakistan Through A Progressive Woman’s Perspective

What is it like to be a women in Pakistan? I sat down with Pakistani native Mishka Mikk and we discuss life from an American and Pakistani perspective. Find out what she thinks about America, women’s rights, and hear about her days as an undergraduate in Gender Studies. All guided by a rude, ignorant, arrogant and entitled ugly American.

A Lecture With A GoPro On My Head

This is an experiment in coordination with my son Jordan. Inspired by his All Over Perception Travel Series, I wanted to find out how a lecture from various perceptions and points of view would work. We are going to do another one in a few weeks and we think with this trial run it could be much more polished. Enjoy. His expertise only cost me .31 bitcoin!